Monday 22nd September, (Mackay).

We have in fact booked on a bus trip for Wednesday and are going to enjoy someone else driving us around for a change. We will tour the area inland from here and incorporates gorges, waterfalls and such, with meals provided as well; We are looking forward to it.

After driving around town yesterday it came to realisation as to why I have not been around this town taking photos in the past. The town does not do anything special for us and there doesn’t seem to be much interest in taking photos of the buildings, as they don’t seem to be anything special. I have and will take scenic photos of the area though, and we will see about around town.

Tuesday 23rd September, (Mackay).

We went for a short drive to the northern beaches today and checked out a couple of caravan parks in the area. One of which was one called Bucasia caravan park that we had heard quite a bit about, but it did not come up to our standards and probably has Midges. Another called Seawinds was also below our normal standards but decided that it could be worth a short stay being rather cheap for the area.

There are some nice beaches in the area and that is probably all that is going for the area unless one is a fisherman.