Flying Fish Point

Wednesday 3rd September, (Flying Fish Point).

These ‘bear o’clock’ sessions the locals have here would be the better ones we have ever attended. Tonight was the third night we have been here and there has been a gathering each evening. A couple of campers who have been here for a while start the gathering and everybody close by joins in, even if just arrived at the park and completely unknown. The last two nights we had at least 20 people, and half were different each night, just tremendous stuff.

The park owners provided a bar-b-que lunch today, fish and chips and provide your own salad. It was quite pleasant for park managers to provide a freebie again.

Yesterday we had a trip to Paronella Park, 15k west of Innisfail, as we had heard quite a bit about it, and it was well worth the trip. The park is a semi-restored leisure park that a gent built early this century with the idea of providing somewhere for the public to go and relax and enjoy the scenery. It is built on the side of a creek that has waterfalls and such; there were old buildings that were originally built for entertainment purposes and even a tunnel (tunnel of love) built through a hill. The park has had its turbulent times being damaged by floods etc and the latest owners have tried to resurrect the park to provide for the public what the original gent tried to do.

Flying Fish Point turns out to be just the type location that we intend to visit on this trip down the coast: A small holiday township on the coast with a rather nice beach for walking, and just the type place to relax for a couple of days. We are looking forward to finding a lot more of them.