Tuesday 16th September, (Bowen).

Bowen; The place, when back in 2001, I had my introduction to what Midge bites can do to a person. Since then we have heard several stories about Midge bites. For example some say they don’t bite at all, rather they urinate on one and this being an acidic constituent causes a bad irritation. Some others say that rather than a bite they lay their eggs under the skin.

We found a brochure at the information centre produced by the Bowen council informing much about the dreaded midge. If this brochure is accurate, and one would have to believe it is, it is very informative.

It seems the Midge does actually bite in the same manner as a mosquito and the saliva deposited causes an irritation. It also seems that they only bite in a four day per fortnight cycle depending on the moon position and tides. My interpretation of the description is that the female requires blood for production of eggs and the biting period is for four days leading up to a full moon and again leading up to a new moon, generally a fortnight apart, so if one keeps an eye out for these moon cycles we may be able to ease the problems with these insects.

We are now semi packed for a move tomorrow with the idea of stopping at Midge Point, supposedly not named after the insect just discussed but we will find out. Comments from people about the area and its insects may cause us not to stay there, if true, and possibly move on to Mackay, otherwise we will stay there for a couple of days.