Friday 12th September, (Bowen).

Bowen: we are now there and we have changed our attitude of this town. The first time we were here we stayed in a caravan park in the town centre, and sand flies attacked me. This detracted from our ideas of this town somewhat and left here not thinking much of the town at all.

The second time through we stayed at a park a few km south of town and only intended staying overnight as we really did not have much liking for the town and we had travelled far enough.

This time we checked into a park on the coast a few km north of the township, known as the resort area of Bowen. This area is much better than where we were before, being on a beach, and we have found information about bush walks in the area that we are interested in, so we have decided to stay a little longer than originally intended. We have even found a document that gives a full explanation about the cycle, biting cycle, of the sand flies that really does explain all, so this should be very handy in future.

The caravan park we have checked into, the Coral Coast, is also a very nice one, a person gets a feel for a park that one could spend a bit of time at almost as soon as arriving, and this park is one of them.

Tomorrow it is a trip into town to find all the murals the town is noted for and take a few photos; Sunday is taken up with the car racing on telly. Monday and Tuesday are for bush walking and beach strolling, and then we will probably leave on Wednesday.

Monday 15th September, (Bowen).

Went for a bushwalk today around and over Cape Edgecumbe. There was a circuit walk of about 5k, up, down and over several hills, energetic, and 2k from the caravan park making a total of about 9k. This is a very good walk for us, especially me, so it could only do us good.