Kurrimine Beach

Saturday 2nd August, (Kurrimine Beach).

The wind eased for a short time at Ingham so I took the opportunity to complete the painting job on the caravan, and now it is looking new again.

We also had a return trip to Broadwater reserve. When we visited last year we were rather short of time and decided to return so we could do the walks on offer, it turns out that the walk was just another through a rainforest, but exercise nonetheless.

We are now at Kurrimine Beach, a small township north of Mission Beach on the coast north of Tully. On offer for tourists in this area is Dunk Island, and a little further south is Hinchenbrook Island. It would be nice to visit these islands, but with 12 months plus left before we can access my superannuation and our finances running low we will have to put them off till another time.

This is quite a nice place to sit and relax for a while, as is demonstrated by the southern visitors who travel north for this time of year, which reminds me of some Queenslanders terms we have learned for southern visitors:

New south Welshmen, are Mexicans (from south of the border)

Victorians, are Seagulls (they fly north for winter)

Tasmanians, are Boat people.