Saturday 23rd August, (Cairns).

It’s happened again: no words put down, as we have just been relaxing and doing nothing special.

We have just booked in to Clifton Beach for a third week as we are enjoying our visit here.

The amenities arrangement has been a bit of a saga: A week after we were here another couple moved in on another caravan site and the second unit was given to them, but, the following day yet another caravan moved in. The caretaker in all his wisdom has closed the showers at the swimming pool, for so called maintenance, so he decided that we would all have to share both the en-suite units as Male and Female (as he originally thought they should) and things have not turned out well at all. It turns out that the third couple, the male partner at least, seems to suffer from some form of dementia, and ultimately, with his incontinent problem the male unit occasionally ended up in a very messy state. It took all the rest of us a fair bit of organization arranging for the woman in the third couple to assist in cleaning arrangements for the units. She seemed a little stubborn at first, which seemed a little odd seeing she is personally involved with the situation, but all worked out reasonably in the end. The second couple leave on Monday so it will be interesting what arrangements will eventuate from then, Linda would prefer a unit for each couple, understandably.

A subject not to be mentioned to anyone else for the moment has arisen that will require a fair bit of consideration by both of us. During my conversations with Brisbane API office making further bookings, the subject of there not being an onsite caretaker present at the units came up, with me suggesting that things would work a lot better if there were one. It seems the main reason there is not an onsite one at the moment is because they have not been able to find one under the right conditions, meaning having there own caravan accommodation, and for some reason Linda and I discussed the idea that the position may actually suit us for a year or two. Surprisingly enough we both agreed that it might not be such a silly idea after all. I intend ringing the Brisbane office on Monday, or so, and discuss with them the possibility, and if they are looking to fill the position and take the situation from there. Naturally there will have to be conditions provided with the position that suit us as well as them.

For us number one would be that the van would have to be stored under cover: the site cover the previous caretakers were using is still in situation, but the present caretaker has indicated that it must be pulled down, so if that is the case then it could be a large disadvantage for us.

Number two for us would be the possible use of one of the units for accommodation during the hotter seasons, on nights when it is too hot to stay in the caravan, for the use of the air-conditioner. This should not be a problem as the hot season is also the quiet period.

Number three would be that we would require some time off at Christmas to go to Melbourne for our visit with Narrelle and Matt.

My computer skills could be an asset to them in the running of the office, organising ledgers and receipts and such, well at least I think they would, they may have different ideas.

For now though it will be wait and see what their response will be.