Chapter 21

On the move again after a rest

Tuesday 29th July 2003, (Ingham).

We are now on the move again after spending a couple of months in Townsville, now at Ingham.

Linda had her visit back home to see the grandkids and friends, and I had some time to cruise around the free campsites between Townsville and Rollingstone. This also gave me a chance to do some long overdue work on the caravan, like paint the underneath of the floor as I had intended to do it since we bought the van. It is now almost complete; the entire underside is done with the underneath sides to be done. The weather turned a little windy during this time and as the rest will be sprayed it will have to wait until I get a chance when the wind abates. The remainder will be easy to do as I can get at it with the van parked on a level block.

As I said we have moved north to Ingham. The weather finally turned wintry in Townsville and the overnights dropped from 17-20 to 10-12 degrees, so we decided that we would rather be further north like Cairns for a few weeks where the temperatures are a little higher. It will probably be just as cold here in Ingham but we will just have to put up with it as we fully intend not to make the entire trip in one leg. We have plenty of time so we are going to have a good look around.

As we intend being in the Melbourne area for Christmas, we will have nearly 5 months to get there. We have missed a lot of the NSW coast on our travels so this will give us a chance to catch up with some of it.