Wednesday 28th May, (Richmond).

We broke our tradition of short trips only again today as we travelled from Cloncurry to Richmond, 377k. We had intended to stay at Julia Creek, only 130k, but when we arrived there we decided that as we were only having an overnight stay that it might as well be at a rest area for free. There was a rest area further down the road that we had selected, but again nobody else stopped before our time limit of 3:00pm. The rest area was also very close to the highway, with road trains passing all night, and it was also very windy and dusty so we decided to move on to Richmond. We had decided to stay at Richmond for a few days anyway so it might as well be a day earlier.

The only caravan park at Richmond, with the same name, turns out to be a little better than we expected. In smallish towns like this where there is only one park it is usually the case that the park is not of top quality, but this one is not of that norm, it is quite a nice park, and cheap too. At $14.00 per night it would be the cheapest park we have stayed at yet in our two and a half years of travel.

One thing noticed here is that the price of petrol has come down somewhat, but the price of gas has not. Would you believe that the price of gas was the same as petrol, 89c per litre. I bet he doesn’t sell much gas, he didn’t to me anyway.