Wilpena Pound

Sunday 6th April, (Wilpena Pound).

We are now at Wilpena Pound, or at least at Rawnsley Park. This is a farm stay accommodation that also has a caravan park, nestled on the outer southern side of Wilpena Pound with great views of the mountain range. This is one of those parks one could stay at for a lengthy period, as it is so peaceful in a very country environment. There are quite a few walks from the park itself, but we intend going to Wilpena tomorrow and see what is to offer from there. One can assume we will have a days look around while we are there, so if we decide to do some walks from the park we will just have to extend our stay, life’s hard with all these decisions.

Although it was a little cloudy at sunset tonight I did take note of the sun setting conditions over the ranges and if the sky is clear tomorrow night I intend setting up the camera to take regular shots of the range from what could be a good spot just behind our van.