Roxby Downs

Friday 11th April 2003, (Roxby Downs).

We started on our journey up the red centre today. We, especially Linda, are quite surprised at what we have seen so far of the centre as we expected it to be rather baron, dry and sandy, even though we are not far into the centre. It is sandy, red, but it is rather picturesque with varying scenery, which is fully unexpected. One sight to be seen is a lookout over Island Lagoon just before Pimba, on the highway at the turnoff to Woomera. The lagoon is actually an inland lake and like most of them at this time is dry and covered with a layer of salt on the lakebed.

We are now at Roxby Downs 80 odd kilometres north of Woomera. We have been taking note of this town name in watching for temperatures in this district over the last few weeks so we decided that we should at least visit. There may not be much to do here but at least we have been here. It is not such a bad little town actually, a housing community for the Olympic Dam mine a little further north, laid out rather well and while in the town one forgets what the surrounding terrain is actually like.