Port Augusta

Wednesday 2nd April, (Port Augusta).

We are finally away from the mosquitoes, having moved to Port Augusta today. We had a very small amount of rain last night and boy did that bring them out, no matter how much spray one used, or coils one burned, it made no difference. At least so far there does not appear to be any here.

I am quite surprised by the terrain in this area, SA collectively, as there are no trees of any size. I naturally expected this to be the case further north, but along the coastline one would expect to see some trees. This is probably why the day trip we had around the southern Flinders Ranges the other day was such a disappointment as the ‘forests’ and such on offer would have been a spectacle for the locals, but for us they were less that the normal to what we are used to.

There seems to be better trips and things to see round this area of the ranges, but I guess we will find out.

One area that is a must is Wilpena pound National park. We had intended visiting while in the district but after discussions with other travellers it appears that several days would be required in the park to see all and do most of the walks and we do not have that much time to spare at this point in time as we must get north and beat the cold nights. As a result we may give the pound a miss and visit it when we are back in the area with more time to spare.

Linda is already suffering outback withdrawals with the caravan parks in SA so far having a thing with using gravel on the park sites being dusty when the wind blows. Gravel sites may be a good idea for the park management, with lower maintenance, but it does get dusty and dirty, and this is what Linda hates. If things don’t improve it will turn out to be a poor start to our venture up the centre.