Monday 14th April, (Glendambo).

We have now moved to Glendambo, a couple of houses and a couple of roadhouses, one with a caravan park, on the side of the road. I think for some reason that I had already decided that we would stay at this park, and now wonder why. The park is not at all what we expected; it is surprising how they can over sell something in advertising brochures. Being a Top Tourist park is what convinced me, I think, but it is not of the same standard as the Top Tourist parks we have been used to. The park is nothing more than a large gravel paddock with, what looks like, horse tying up rails with the occasional power box, scattered through the paddock and one is expected to back vans up to them as if they are horses. There are no water taps or drains, so apart from the amenities one is paying only for power and seeing we have our own, we would have been just as well off in a rest area. The fact that this would have been only one night in several weeks we would have camped out probably had an influence on choosing to stay here.

Oh well it is probably not really all that bad and it is only for one night.

We are both still at awe over the lakes, dry with salt flats or with water, in the district. The highway passes several and provides a lookout, rest area, looking over several. Looking at the map there does not seem to be any more, or many, from here on north.

This is another lake.