Coober Pedy

Tuesday 15th April, (Coober Pedy).

I have decided after spending last night at Glendambo that if we are only staying overnight in an area that there is little, if not nothing, to see or do, which would be the case being overnight, then we will stay in free camp areas if possible. Staying in parks like we did last night was basically a waste of money.

We are now at Coober Pedy, and this town, being an opal mining district, is very much like Andamooka but on a bigger scale and in a bit cleaner state; Meaning this town is more acceptable to stay at. We have booked in for three days, which should give us plenty of time to see what we need to.

We had a warning from a fellow traveller last night about the aboriginals in this town and when we arrived here we could see what he meant. This led us to chose a caravan park other than the Top Tourist or the Big4 that are in town. These parks were either too close to the town centre, or possibly troublesome locals, or too close to the actual mining centres, so we chose the Stuart range park that is on the approaching outskirts of town. Another traveller that we had words with today on the radio during out travels, who is also staying in town at a friends place, visited us on his motor bike this afternoon and said he had checked out the other parks and assured us that we had picked the correct one. What he actually meant in his statement he did not elaborate, but I would agree that he is correct.

The awesome aspects of our introduction to the centre has ended, as far as today’s travels, as the scenery was about what we had expected of it all, although the countryside was reasonably green due to the recent rains. I guess this was a reminder that we can expect boring monotonous trips from now on.