Coober Pedy

Thursday 17th April, (Coober Pedy).

So much for the boring countryside: The scenery we have seen over the last two days is something to be seen. A walk around town yesterday revealed the unique beauty this Coober Pedy has to offer. The fact that there are quite a few buildings actually underground, including houses, is unique in itself. The other aspect is the way the miners, prospectors, have extracted the soil from the ground and left it in piles after fossicking through it. There are piles of dirt wherever one looks and a trip today revealed that it is for miles around.

An underground house.

Linda summed up another aspect of the town today, concerning the presence of aboriginals; even though we have not experienced there presence of an evening, she said they even give the town its own bit of character.

We went for a trip to the Breakaways today. These are a series of hills and formations said to have broken away from the Stuart Range, hence the name. This was the location for filming of movies such as Mad Max and Ground Zero. The scenery in this area is just simply breathtaking. Let’s just see if I can show it in pics.

One other thing we have noticed in the area is the plague of grasshoppers, locusts, or whatever they are. The main problem is they are all over the roads and as one could imagine they make one large mess on the car and front of the caravan. That was one of Linda’s jobs when we first arrived the other day, to clean them off the caravan. I got to clean them off the car. We have collected another batch of them on the car today but it will be pointless cleaning them off as when we move tomorrow we will only collect more.