Alice Springs

Sunday 27th April, (Alice Springs).

After having a few days relaxing, doing a few things that need doing and meeting people in the caravan park we went on a short trip to the West MacDonnell Ranges today. We do intend to pack up the caravan and travel as far as we can along the ranges and stay at several camping areas in the area and visit the gorges, as there are many, and as much bush walking as we can. We have both bought new walking boots and are eager to put them to a full test. We have put them to a short test already by trekking up the hill behind the caravan park and were very impressed with the difference.

Tuesday 29th April, (Alice Springs).

We are still waiting to hear from the mechanic concerning the arrival of the door latch for the car that has broken and a visit to him revealed that it has not yet arrived. We will now move out on Thursday and spend a few days cruising the West MacDonnell ranges then return to Alice and have the repairs and service done next week.

For now then it is sit back and relax.