Port Pirie

Monday 31st March.

We had a trip around the southern Flinders Ranges today and were rather disappointed. It seems South Australia has a problem putting up signs to direct people, tourists, to places. It started in Adelaide with the very noticeable lack of street signs, there were signs on the side of the road warning of a, main, street approaching but when one is at the intersection street signs are a rarity. Speed limit signs are also very few and makes it hard to ascertain the limit on a road when joining it mid length. They are generally a lower speed limit than other states on comparable roads, so either assume 60k, or 50k if on a minor street.

The problem we had on the ranges was that we had a booklet telling us what was around to see, but we had trouble seeing any signs telling us how to get there. After finding a couple of these sites I decided that the main reason, perhaps, of not signposting them is that they are not really worth seeing, or there was a long bushwalk to get there. If it was because of the walk, then I assume the info would be available from National Parks.

One gorge we were looking for, and found eventually, took us about 25k from a particular point when we first tried to get there, to find when we got there that we were only 5k from when we were at that particular point via another route. There were lookouts on our locally produced map, but we could not find a direction sign to any of them. This was the most disappointing thing as it is this type of photo that I mostly look for.

We may be rather glad to get away from Port Pirie, it is a very nice place, but the mosquitoes aren’t.