Saturday 8th March, (Adelaide).

I had that drive down south of Adelaide today, Fleurieu Peninsular as it is known as, with the intention to just have a brief look at the area.

One decision has been made as a result of the trip, being that we won’t be taking the caravan to Kangaroo Island, as Linda would have liked to. After being given a brochure on the ferry by a fellow traveller that revealed the costs, far too expensive, and the route involved in getting to the ferry and return there from has some rather steep hills that I would prefer not to negotiate. Victor Harbour through to Goolwa is a very nice section of coastline that could warrant a visit some time although most of the area is very much tourist orientated and busy in the tourist season.

I did encounter a remarkable piece of road construction during the trip, called the Southern freeway. I was wondering why this road was in fact only half a road, meaning that there was only one road carrying traffic in one direction only, not two separate lanes as usual. After a fair amount of observation I noticed that all the signposts were double sided, and there were also direction signs facing in the reverse direction to which I was travelling. It then became obvious that this road is used for traffic in both directions, one at a time depending on the busy periods: eg open in a southerly direction in the mornings of a weekend and in a northerly direction in the afternoons of a weekend to cater for traffic doing just what I was. In hind site I do remember seeing signs that explained what times the road is used for which direction before the entry points at either end. I was originally bemused as to what was going on because the road was open in a southerly direction when I went down the peninsular, I did notice this even though I didn’t use it because I missed the turn-off. When I returned it was open in the northerly direction and whilst travelling along it the road in the other direction was very obviously missing which is what starting me wondering. I don’t think in my ignorance of the design of this roadway that I would have gotten into any trouble as the ends of the road are light controlled and there are barriers placed over the barred access roads to prevent entry. All very interesting.