Tuesday 25th March, (Adelaide).

Linda is back home, arrived Saturday, and seems to have gotten over her jet lag so we have decided to move out on Friday on our venture up the centre.

We are at present having a few relaxing days before we head off and getting things ready for the trip.

I am wondering at the moment if we have done some damage to the caravan, but it may not be anything. We had a flat tyre while sitting at this park and with all the weight normally on the tyre being distributed to the front and rear legs the van then began to sag in the middle. The adjustment on the door catch indicated that it was sagging. I have since pumped up the tyre, after replacing it with the spare, and would you believe it has stayed up. I have taken some steps to overcome this problem in the future by buying some jack stands, threaded adjustment for continuous adjustment, and placed a pair of them under the chassis next to the wheels, to actually support the wheel weight, and another two at the rear where the stands would provide support. I am not going to use the leg supports at the rear in future as the stands provide better support anyway. I have been worried that the strain on the chassis with the flat may have caused some structural damage, but it may not be any different to normal and just seems that way.

Plans: it seems we may have to change our travel plans this year as it seems that Matts parents, Nell’s Matt, won’t be going to Perth for Christmas so it now seems more appropriate to have Christmas at Albury. This way Nell and Matt will be able to share it with both sets of parents, and we may also be able to get Matt and Lou over from Tassie as well. If this change eventuates we will just have to leave our Perth trip for after Christmas, or maybe the next year. In the meantime we do intend going up the centre to Darwin and then we should know what we intend doing afterward.