Saturday 1st February, (Melbourne).

Two days here and we have been very busy. Linda’s first priority was to organise some things she has to take to England with her, eg chocolates from the shop Narrelle used to work at.

Sue turned up at Annette’s last night on her way to Geelong then Tassie, so we dropped in to visit them, we had to see Annette anyway to organise Linda staying there on her way overseas.

We had a trip to Geelong today and visited Dorothy and family, and Marnie and David, we hadn’t seen them for 12 months or so and will not see them again for about 15 or so. We still have some more visiting tomorrow, some friends we met on out travels, and a movie to see either tomorrow night or Monday, and that will fill in our stay at Melbourne nicely before we move to Shepparton on Tuesday.

Monday 3rd February, (Melbourne).

We had our visit to the Gold Class cinema today, and that was a different way of seeing a movie at the cinema. It compares with 1st class on an air flight, and the costs are comparable. The cinema only has 30 odd seats, in pairs, large and layback with a table for placing food etc. Orders for food and drink, including alcohol, can be placed before the movie starts and they will deliver at a time during the film that we nominate, as many orders as one wants can be placed. We enjoyed the experience immensely, but it’s too expensive to indulge too often.

We are now partly packed up ready to move on to Shepparton tomorrow where we will further inquire about insurance. If possible I also intend to get some maintenance done on the caravan brakes as well.