Sunday 9th February, (Horsham).

We enjoyed very much the relaxation of a few days with nothing to do at Shepparton and have now moved on to Horsham. We were originally going to stay at a small town called St Arnaud, 100K west of Bendigo, but when we arrived there we decided to travel on the additional 100K to Horsham. This would eventually get us to Adelaide a little earlier. It seems as though I have so far picked the correct roads to travel, as some further south are very hilly, apparently, traversing mountain ranges and such, and the roads we have travelled so far have been reasonably flat. The head winds we have had most of the way don’t help though as they result in a remarkable increase in fuel use.

Finally we had a cool evening last night at Horsham; in fact it was that cool we are going to add another blanket this evening. We find it surprising how the weather patterns vary between different areas, as at Shepparton it was high 30’s during the day and getting down to 20 odd at night, but at Horsham it reaches Mid 30’s during the day and down to 10 or so at night, sooo coooold.

We had a stroll around town today, too hot but we did anyway, and the first thing one notices is the cheap price of fuel in this city. Gas is selling at 47 cents and it is high 50’s in Melbourne, unleaded is 89 and paper reports say it went over the dollar mark in Melbourne yesterday. I am just amazed at how the prices could vary to that negative degree when one would naturally assume that Melbourne would be cheaper. The other thing very noticeable was the number of large hotels there are in town, this is not really unusual for a mainland city, but there were 4 or 5 pubs in one block.

Our travels across Victoria so far has really revealed how bad the drought is, as Linda took particular notice that all dams on the farms were completely empty and looked as though they had been like that for a long time. When we arrived at Horsham we were hoping the scenery from the caravan park looking over the river might be nice, but it is also almost dried up and an empty river that normally is full is not a pretty sight. I guess this is one thing we are going have to get used to, especially if we are going up the middle as it is going to be dry for sure up there.