Thursday 27th February, (Adelaide).

Well Linda has been put on the plane for her journey to England. She is at present at Melbourne staying overnight at Annette’s and boarding her overseas flight tonight. I have now been on my own for a full day, everything is ok as expected, and so far I have had no trouble occupying myself but a week or two will tell.

I had a journey to the caravan show in town today and came away a little flustered. After looking at some vans and prices, I found one almost identical to ours and after seeing the price, $36,000!! left with the thought of what would happen if the worst was to happen to our van only being insured for $23,000. I know things have gone up in price over the last few years but this difference is just unbelievable. This only leaves me with the thought that we must reinsure our van for an agreed value which would come close to this new figure, but where does one find this coverage apart from the last insurance company we enquired at and were unsure as to whether we should swap to them.

Before I went out today I offered some assistance to another traveller with light troubles, and hope I haven’t gotten in over my neck. It seems as though he has dry joint problems that he could have caused himself and these are the problems I would rather not get involved in. It is probably too late now to worry about it so we will see what happens tomorrow when we have a look at it.