Wednesday 19th February, (Adelaide).

We have now moved to another park, Levi Park Caravan Park, just a little northeast of the city centre. We heard a few derogatory stories about this park before we left the last one and have decided once again that those incidents must have been personal dislikes on their behalves. We have only been here for the half a day and I personally feel a lot more peaceful and content here that I was at Brownhill Creek. I guess the main reason is that the vans are parked with a lot more in close proximity than the other and this gives one a better opportunity to mix with other campers. Like Brownhill, the sites at this park are also made of a gravel surface, but the type gravel here is of a completely different grade, and small rounded stones, and is much more suitable and conducive to safely placing our carpet on. There are, as I said, more bike tracks here and I am going to make sure I put them to full use. We also seem more central to everything we want to go to or see. The surprise is that, being a big4, this park is slightly cheaper than Brownhill so I think that I will settle in here quite well.

Friday 21st February, (Linda’s Birthday) , (Adelaide).

Just as well we decided to travel here on Wednesday as since we arrived it has been raining, no pouring, and yesterday they recorded the highest rainfall for a February day for 30 years. It seems we are experiencing quite a few maximum and minimums of weather types during our travels; perhaps they were right saying we upset weather patterns when we travel. Hopefully this now might mean the end to the drought, in South Australia anyway cause I don’t know how much rain the other states got. I am not quite sure how bad the drought situation has been in SA because since we have been here there has been no indication of any water restrictions, and I did even ask at Brownhill.

We had planned to trip around on busses today, stopping now and then to have a walk around, but the rain put an end to that. We will now do that tomorrow as the forecast is clearing up, and for today we decided to go to St Kilda, 20K or so north, to have a look at the tram museum. We think that the old Launceston No1 was bought be them from Linda’s father and moved here so it would be interesting to see what state it is in now, but when we arrived there we discovered that they are only open on Sundays and public holidays. That is now something to do on Sunday.

Linda has been sitting down in front of the computer this afternoon making up some cards to send out, and surprise/surprise she manages it quite well now on her own with not much assistance from me at all.

We are going out to tea tonight for Linda’s birthday and we are going to try a hotel recommended by the park managers, supposed to be the best meals around by a mile so we will see. With the prices he quoted to me for these meals it would want to be the best and all.