Thursday 30th January, (Melbourne).

We are now back on the mainland to resume our travels and it would be an ideal time to start a new chapter. Before I do though, I could sum up the visit home by saying that we managed to achieve what we intended by seeing heaps of the grandkids and visited plenty of family and friends while there. We would have hoped to visit more than we did but being tied up with the grandkids, and as usual finding it hard to find time to do everything we intend, we did have to miss a few. We enjoyed our visit tremendously, although at times we were thinking that we would prefer to be back on the mainland. Everyone has accepted that, apart from Linda flying home occasionally, we won’t be back in Tassie for a similar visit for some time. Linda has acknowledged though that she would prefer visits of a similar length of this one, but I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.