Friday 24th January.

Time to start preparing for our departure, making final visits and such, making a final trip to Beaconsfield to store what needs to be, making sure everything in the van is still in its proper place, etc.

I think that Ellie has finally accepted that we are leaving again because she is now asking if we are going to return to visit her some day. I don’t know where she got the ideas to accept it, but that’s young kids nowadays, clever things.

I had a practice run in the tent the other night, as we treated Matt and Lou to night to themselves and the kids slept in the van with Linda, leaving me the tent. I did manage to erect it on my own with no problems so it wasn’t a waste of time. I did get to test one of the beds, it went down a little bit but it may just have been the change in temperature, it was a very cool evening. It was nothing to worry about, as a top up the following day would be easy if necessary. I even managed to pack the tent up on my own, so there should not be any problems with it whatever the situation.