Saturday 16th November, (Tocumwal/ Shepparton).

A look at the freebies convinced us that we might as well stay at the caravan park as all the other campers seemed to be men only and Linda wasn’t real happy about that. The toilets supposedly supplied either didn’t exist or not good enough to use, so building a toilet just for a couple of days was probably not worth it.

It has been a week since I put finger to keys because we are once again in a situation of just relaxing, filling in time rather that sightseeing so this will probably be the norm for a while now.

We packed up on Tuesday and moved to Shepparton. We stayed at the same park as we did last year as we found being parked by the lake was an enjoyable situation sitting back, relaxing and looking out over the lake and all the animals that reside on it. Nothing has changed and it is still just as enjoyable, even though the wind has been up since we have been here. The first night it blew a gale and most of the awning had to be dismantled before it blew away, we did have a small hole rip in the awning as one end cover was torn from its mounts. It is extremely warm when the wind isn’t blowing.

The finalisation date for the sale of the house was on Friday (15th) and would you believe I had to ring the solicitor mid afternoon to instigate the depositing of the funds into our account, I am still wondering who was holding our money for the past few weeks earning interest from it. The money was finally paid into our account so we officially no longer own a house.

That’s about it for now, so I will get the laptop out again when something interesting happens.