Saturday 19th October, (Tamworth).

We have now progressed a little further down the New England Highway to Tamworth, and talk about a change of temperature; when we arrived here the temperature was far in excess of 30 degrees, in fact the weather report said it reached 38. The overnight minimum tonight is expected to be 10-12 so this will be a little better to take. Tomorrow is forecast to be cooler so things may be better all round.

We have booked into here for three days and after having a quick look around town, and the visitor’s centre, it now seems that perhaps two days might have been sufficient.

The road to here didn’t get any better with several steep downhills and a couple of steep ups as well.

Sunday 20th October, (Tamworth).

We are having trouble at the moment coming to grips with the fluctuations in weather conditions. The last week in the New England Tablelands has been cool during the day and cold of a night, now we are half way down the mountain range the temperatures during the day have been in the mid to high 30’s and nights warm. Being so hot during the day has resulted in us not wanting to do much at all, so we have not seen a great deal of Tamworth as we would in other towns; not that there is a great deal to do and see anyway.

I decided today that we have misjudged our travel plans by checking in here for three days, this would only leave us two overnight stops between here and Sydney. Unfortunately we will now have to forego a day’s accommodation cost as we will now move on tomorrow, a day early and no refunds are given at caravan parks. A decision will be made on our travels tomorrow where we will stay for the evening but it will probably be Singleton, then we will move on to The Entrance for two nights. This will give us a chance to catch up with Craig Devlin again while we are in the area.