Wednesday 4th September, (Townsville/Bowen).

I have done it again, not putting finger to keys for several days. I keep telling myself that I should keep it up regularly.

We had a very nice relaxing time at Rollingstone and moved on from there on Sunday to Townsville. We only intended to stay here for two days but with mail not turning up, or not being sent when I thought it had, meant we had to stay an extra day. It turned out to the better as Jason Crocker rang this morning requiring several items to be faxed in regard to purchasing the house. We are hopeful that the sale will be finalised within a couple of weeks, and that will be the end of that worry.

I had a surprise when I visited the mechanic that gave me the gas problem as I was convinced that if he offered a reimbursement on the repair costs I would have been prepared to accept down to 50%. When I explained to him that I was quite appreciative of them being prepared to talk about the situation, and when they could see that I didn’t intend arguing about the situation, they were only too happy to offer a 50% reimbursement, so I gladly accepted and they wrote out the cheque there and then. I then put it in the bank and situation is over. It didn’t end there though, I reckon they must be a curse on me, as I picked up a large screw in a front tyre that I reckon I picked up in there driveway. I was fortunate that I detected the feel of it in the tyre so immediately went to a repair shop to have it removed and the tyre repaired before it flattened.

Well, mail turned up, car rego is paid (didn’t increase as much as I thought it would), mechanic sorted out, so it is time to leave. Then as we were about to start the engine, Jason rang. He was keen to obtain a signed copy of the house purchase agreement, that our solicitor emailed us, so he could get the loan organised as soon as possible. The agreement was faxed and the original mailed, and a request was also made to ISCU for a copy of a statement to be left at the Launceston office for Jason to pick up so he could show that he had in fact paid ‘X’ amount as a deposit. After another couple of hours we managed to depart, never the less late, but away we were.

We had a great plan of staying at a rest area this evening and plotted the ones in the area we had intended travelling to. The first, or perhaps it was the second as we think we completely missed the first, was only a small square gravelled area surrounding a picnic area and didn’t really appeal to us so we decided to seek out the second? We ended up at Bowen, about 50k further than we intended travelling, but after getting info from a travel shop about a rest area south of Bowen and them telling us that there are quite a few stay there overnight we decided this will do. Low and behold! When we arrive there a large sign erected indicated ‘NO CAMPING’ so no other option but to stay at a caravan park. We will only be here for one night so that will recover the night we lost by staying at Townsville for that extra night.