Sunshine Coast/Coolum

Saturday 21st September, (Sunshine Coast/Coolum Beach).

The Hinterlands is an area to the west of the coast and along the Blackall mountain range and is an area that offers great views of the coastline. Unfortunately I am not showing any photos as the total coastline was very misty and they were not 100% clear. The area also offered several small interesting towns, if one is inclined to stop and investigate them, and several waterfalls. Again it was unfortunate that not much water flow resulted in disappointing shots, although we did get an appreciation of what they would be like in full flow. Overall though the drive in the Hinterlands is one I would recommend to all in the district.

Linda has been making comment lately about how she is not going to enjoy our visit to the Sunshine Coast this time because of the school holidays. I now know what she meant, because as of today all the holidaymakers have made camp in the caravan park and at present the park is full of noisy small kids, and big kids. This tends to detract from the peacefulness we have grown accustomed to in parks up until now.