Sunshine Coast/Coolum

Friday 20th September, (Sunshine Coast/Coolum Beach).

A leisurely drive down the coast was the order of the day, but it turned out too leisurely and we did not get to the southern end. We will no doubt be back here some day so I guess something will be left for next time.

The Sunshine Coast is not what I expected, I was told that it is different than the Gold Coast but I guess I still expected it to be somewhat similar. The main difference I noticed is that apart from the Maroochydore area established housing is restricted to very close proximity to the coast where the Gold Coast is spread out inland a lot further. It was a strange feeling driving along the Motorway, only a couple of kilometres from the coast, and it seemed like one could have been anywhere in a remote area.

There seems to be heaps to do here so I think we are going to enjoy returning here several times. If one were to stay at different parks there would be no trouble filling in time whenever we return.

After finding out more about the climb up Mt Coolum to a lookout Linda is already having reservations about the climb, but we will see when we get there, Probably Sunday, as tomorrow is a tour of the Hinterland.