Sunshine Coast/Coolum

Thursday 19th September, (Sunshine Coast/Coolum Beach).

We had a trip to Noosa Heads for a look around today, and boy is that a big money area. It is an area that one could easily find things to do no matter what ones preferences would be; activities are very diverse, especially in the boating field. We intend returning again for a day trip as the Noosa Heads National Park have numerous walks and if the short one we went on today was any example, they should be very interesting.

We were talking today with a couple we met earlier at Rollingstone about a lookout a little south of here, Mt Coolum, that offers spectacular views of the entire Sunshine Coast. We had intended to visit it and are aware that it is a little steep, but when they said that she stopped at the sheer rock face section Linda cringed as if to say that’s it I’m not going, but we will go there and find out for ourselves.

School holidays have started and Linda has already commented that the park is filling up with “bratty kids”. I guess they are entitled to travel as much as we are so if they are a problem we will just have to grin and bear it.