Hervey Bay

Sunday 15th September, (Hervey Bay).

After yesterday deciding to move on to Hervey Bay today I realised that the Queensland 500 car race was on today and I would normally sit and watch it. The solution was to get an early start so we could part set up so I could sit and watch it. We also needed an early start so we could first select the park to stay at; as it was quite obvious the choice was going to be difficult. There are in the order of 25 caravan parks in the Hervey Bay area, so which one would be the correct selection.

All worked out in the end as our process of elimination proved to be successful once again, and after driving around the district to get a perspective of the area, and the parks, we ended up selecting what was our second choice. The time taken to drive around looking somewhat limited set-up time once we had settled, but it turned out I had ample time to set up in time for the race.

I mentioned to Linda later in the afternoon that I was surprised to have that feeling that some parks give of comfort and the feel of being where we could easily spend quite some time. A look around the area, and a couple of days here will reveal if the feeling is genuine.

Monday 16th September, (Hervey Bay).

A drive around the area today left us with a simple attitude of Hervey Bay: Apart from being the gateway to Fraser Island, Hervey Bay really has nothing else to offer except being a nice place to relax in a calm seaside area. The sea in the immediate vicinity is apparently always calm as Fraser Island acts as a giant breakwater and there is never any surf on these beaches. I suppose this would make it a great spot for fishing, if one owned a boat, as the water is always reasonably calm.

We have booked in here for 3 days so I guess this will allow a full day for relaxing tomorrow. In hindsight it would have paid to only stay here for the two days to give us an extra day to get to Brisbane, but that’s the way it goes, eh.