Friday 13th September, (Bundaberg).

Only one night was spent at Calliope as we decided that we might need the extra time to have a look at several places on our way to Brisbane.

We are now at Bundaberg, having arrived yesterday. We only intend having a look around this area to see what is available to bring us back again at a later stage.

Bundaberg is situated close to the coast, about 10k inland, and is surrounded by flat land that is used for growing sugar. There are several smaller places along the coast, named ‘beaches’ but most of the coast is rocky with an occasional small beach, and we went for a drive today to have a look. We reckon that we could return here and either just spend a couple of days at several caravan parks, or try a different one each time we are back in the area. Bundaberg really does not have a lot going for it though, but then we haven’t been here long.

The caravan park we checked into, a big4, is rather nice and the management are extremely friendly, but the one thing we overlooked is that the park is very close to the airport and the planes fly almost directly overhead.

The weather is a bit of a contrast to what we experienced over the last week, now being much cooler and extra blankets have been placed on the bed.