Chapter 16

Brisbane family visit, to home for Christmas.

Wednesday 25th September 2002, (Brisbane).

We have arrived at Brisbane, and just as well we left early this morning. With all the kids running around and the crows with their early morning calls one did not get much of a chance to sleep past 5:30 to 6:00. Anyway arriving early in Brisbane found us on a site that was quite unsuitable to our needs. The reason I booked early was to ensure we would get a site suitable for erecting the tent on the same site as the caravan, for Matt and family to sleep in. The site they allocated was quite narrow so, as per their suggestion, the only place to erect the tent would either be in front of, or behind the caravan. The site was so sloped at the rear that it would have been at too much of an angle for the tent to expect anybody to sleep in, so it was decided to park the van to the rear and erect the tent to the front, as it was more level there. The main problem with this idea was the van being so high off the ground at the front that apart from the awning poles being too short to support it, I was not at all happy with the security of having the van situated in that pose.

I sent Linda to the office to originally enquire about whether they had some decent supports, and when they came to see what the problem was I had decided that the site next door would be a better one if we could move. A few booking changes and the site next door was freed up for us, so we moved lock, stock and barrel next door.

If you hadn’t gathered already, arriving early gave us more time for all the mucking around with management and moving. I’ll add as well that the temperature here today would have to be the hottest we have experienced for a fair while, in the low 30’s, and that did not help the temperament at all!

With the extra time we were going to have we had planned to go to the chocolate shop we favour near the airport, as my supplies are very low, but that will now have to wait.

Even with the heat I decided it would be better to erect the tent today as well, because I could foresee that if I left it until the weekend when it was needed somebody could move into the site we were originally on in our absence. If this were to happen the chances are they would encroach on to our site, that one being so narrow, and we would then not have enough room to erect the tent. Either that or I could see me making a proper prick of myself asking them to move over, being something I would prefer not doing.

I now consider that all has worked out well in the end and my frustration demonstrated with management not considering my booking with more seriousness proved to be futile.