Monday 30th September, (Brisbane).

Linda, Mat, Lou and family went into the city for a look today, I believe they drove a short way and then caught a train, then returned the same way.

In their absence I took the opportunity to do some maintenance. The water pump for tank water has been failing, with the switch playing up, so I dismantled and repaired it, it will now do until next time it plays up and then I will replace it.

If not mentioned earlier, I have had a car radio aerial for several weeks now from when I almost fitted a car radio. I decided to fit it to the caravan and see if it would be as effective as the TV aerial that I normally use. It turns out that the aerial seems to be much more effective and efficient, but camping in a remote area will be the true test to see what reception is like. The other benefit will be the lack of having to erect an aerial every time we set up camp.

I also set out to find a mechanic to do a service on the car and decided to find if reception had one to recommend. Their response was to get a mobile mechanic to come here and do it. This seemed like a great idea as normally leaving the car with a mechanic result in my having to find somewhere to go, and something to do while the work is done. This way I will be at home and there will be no waiting; what a great idea, I will have to wait to find out the cost to see if it is really beneficial.