Friday 30th August, (Rollingstone).

The rain eased today, forecast for showers for the area but we moved on before we had any. We have now returned to familiar stomping ground, Rollingstone. The local council are getting serious with this camp ground with all the upgrades they are making: they have provided a lot more water taps, provided new rows of trees in a formation to create individual sites for vans. They have fenced off the front area for day use only, in it a new playground and an irrigation system. Work in the camp area has been restricted to a small area so far but looks as though they are to continue the work over a much larger area. One gets the impression that they are serious about keeping this as a freebie, but then it almost looks like it could be converted into a normal type caravan park, let’s hope not.

The weather has improved dramatically, let’s hope that it was only restricted to the area north of here as that has been the only area we have had any rain. The solar panels will be working overtime today and tomorrow replacing the power we have not been able to recover due to the bad weather.