Mission Beach

Thursday 8th August, (Mission Beach).

I have once again been a little slack in not remembering to get this machine out on a daily basis and putting some words down while they are fresh in my mind. I guess one gets used to the relaxed surroundings and that makes it quite easy to forget.

Since moving on from Paluma National Park we have stayed 3 days at Cardwell at the Kookaburra caravan park and have now moved on to Mission Beach.

Cardwell was such a peaceful place and although the town is only a very small one we didn’t find it very difficult spending time there doing not much at all. There wasn’t much to see in the town itself but there was a forest drive around the back of the township, which was rather interesting. On offer were a couple of lookouts of the area looking out over the island off shore, but being an overcast day photos were not that spectacular. It is a pity that this is the dry season as also on offer was a waterfall, but the creek was dry and hence so was the waterfall. One was left with the thoughts of what it would have been like if water had been flowing and I reckon it would have been rather spectacular for a small waterfall. The forest, as such, was actually a pine plantation and this didn’t over enthuse us much because of all the pine plantations we are used to seeing in Tassie.

Mission Beach: Now there is another story. We had heard so much about how this was such a nice area, but peoples ideas do vary greatly I’m convinced, because although we only arrived here today a short ride in the area appeared to reveal to me that apart from the great beach and Dunk Island the area really does not have much else to offer. Maybe this is due to us being travellers rather than tourists, I at least have this opinion although many may not. A further look around over the next couple of days may prove that I am incorrect about what is to offer here, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. The place is obviously a great tourist attraction though as it is packed with caravans and holidaymakers in other accommodation as it is the time of year that suits most travellers. We were very lucky to find a space in the park we are in, and at one stage I thought we would have to move on straight away which would have probably led us strait to Cairns where we are yearning to be already.


Saturday 3rd August, (Ingham).

We are now at Ingham just for a couple of days to do some shopping and washing etc.

Jourama falls were a sight to be seen: a series of small falls down a massive rock face hundreds of metres high as well as wide with many rock pools and a stony creek below. Apart from the joy of camping out the falls made our stay at the park much more enjoyable.

We visited a pool near the camp area that contained numerous turtles and fish. Fishing is not allowed in the National park and somebody obviously feeds them all, because as we approached the pool several turtles jumped in the water off their logs on the other side of the pool and, along with others and the fish, they all swam close to where we were as if wanting to be fed. The turtles were actually that friendly that at a later stage when another couple were actually feeding them bread, they allowed Linda to pat them on the back while they were swimming close by. Where is the camera when one needs it?

We have heard from fellow travellers that most parks and camp areas north to Cairns are full, this is the peak caravan season, and one would be lucky to find a vacancy. So we are thinking of changing our travel plans and arrive in Cairns a week or two earlier than planned. This will also give us a bit more time in Cairns, as we would prefer, because we would have only had time to spend two weeks there otherwise.

Paluma National Park

Thursday 1st August, (Paluma National park).

We ended up cheating and stayed at Rollingstone for a third day, only allowed 48 hours, and the council patrol man visited us again on the third day but did not seem to mind that we were still there.

We could quite easily get used to this bush camping. We have now moved on a little further north to a National park called Paluma Park and camped in the Jourama falls section. Having arrived today we have now set up camp and after a short stroll through the bush track, we are now just sitting down enjoying the peace and quiet. A CD is quietly playing in the background, as this will be the only form of entertainment while here as it is too remote for radio or TV. I am not even going to try and find any TV channels, as there is nothing worth watching for the next two days anyway.

While strolling along the creek we came across a pool where the fish and turtles were of an unusually inquisitive nature. We noticed that when we approached the creek the turtles jumped in from the other side and swam over to our side as if to check us out. I guess it is because some people must feed them, especially when one is not supposed to, but it was unusual to see.

We intend going for a walk to the falls tomorrow, then on Saturday, possibly, move on to Ingham and spend a couple of days in a park to do washing etc.