Murray falls National park

Thursday 29th August, (Murray Falls National Park).

Typical that when we decide to move on and plan to stay at National parks and freebies that it starts to rain. We are now camped at Murray Falls National Park, just south of Tully, and although we are fairly well set up and can cater for rainy weather it would have been a lot nicer if it were sunny. Generally areas such as this, being in remote areas and in behind mountains, do not have much in the way of TV reception so this limits our activities of a night. It is a pleasant change without TV, playing cards etc. But it would be nicer if it were fine enough to sit outside of an evening possibly around a campfire.

Now the following day and it is reasonably clear, but still overcast, so we managed to do the couple of walks to the falls.

There are two walking tracks here, one to the bottom of the falls, and one to the top of the falls. Both angles are seen in the photos.

We are enjoying our camping in this area but I certainly hope the rain eases up before we move on tomorrow.