Mission Beach

Sunday 11th August, (Mission Beach).

We have somewhat changed our ideas of Mission Beach, due to the realisation of several reasons. The weather has been a bit of a setback, the area didn’t live up to expectations of other traveller’s comments and we are at present only wanting to be in Cairns.

We went for a walk today along what was going to be a 3.5k flat, even, track alongside a beach around to Kennedy’s bay. It turned out to be a good walk, but it was anything but flat winding its way up and over hills and around rocks that blocked beach access. The most fascinating thing about this walk was the fact that the track wound its way though a rainforest terrain that was right up the edge of the coastline. We have heard of the term ‘Where the rainforest meets the reef’ before and at the time it referred to Cape Tribulation area, but I would think that the term is much more applicable to this area that that one.

Linda and I had a sit down this morning to discuss our future travel plans and with a problem Narrelle may have getting here, more about that later depending on the result. We have just about convinced ourselves that we would prefer to return to our beloved Tassie for at least a couple of months each year to see the family regularly. We will see what eventuates with this idea over the next few weeks.

In the meantime it’s off to Cairns tomorrow.