Tuesday 13th August, (Cairns).

We are finally at Cairns, arrived yesterday, and we are both surprised that we have the feeling that we are home. I’m not sure whether this is due to the fact that this is a magnificent place to be at this time of year or if it is just that we have both been waiting such a long time to be back here that this feeling would seem to be natural.

First priority today was to seek assistance with a problem with the gas system on the car. A problem has appeared over the last couple of days that has led me to believe that I picked up a bad supply of gas at the last fill, as the reservoir chamber has been continually filling with fluid since and causing the engine to not function while switched to gas. A visit to an auto-gas mechanic today revealed that in fact the problem was a coolant leak into the chamber through a worn seal. On the way up from Townsville I experienced an overheating problem that was put down to the fact that a mechanic who worked on the car recently neglected to reconnect the plug for the electric radiator fans, which consequently resulted in a lack of air flow and overheating. The only ones I consider could have been responsible for this problem was Kenny’s garage in Hugh st. opposite the caravan park in Townsville who replaced a possible faulty fan belt tensioning pulley, that turned out not to be the answer for that problem anyway. So the recommendations I was prepared to give them in future, if necessary, will now not occur, rather the opposite will. The repairs on the gas system will also overcome another minor problem I have been experiencing as well, so it will not be a complete waste of money for repairs. I will have to now endeavour to find Kenny’s phone number so I can ring them and let them know what I think.

I have also commenced another modification to the awning by placing support rails from the caravan to each corner that will rid the need for the centre poles in the ends of the awning. I completed one end this afternoon and am quite pleased with the results to the extent that I wish I had thought of this modification ages ago. Other benefits of the mod are that the awning will now not sag when the end pieces are attached, and the awning now looks much more even and straight around the edges.