Thursday 22nd August.

I finalised the repairs to the gas system on the car yesterday and am now more determined to contact that garage in Townsville, as the repairs totalled approximately $470.00 and it would be nice to think that they may be kind enough to reimburse some for their error. But I also think pigs might fly, I do intend at least to tell them exactly what I think though, assuming there will be no remuneration.

I had a call from Jason Crocker yesterday regarding the purchase of our house. From what he said all is looking good for finalisation of the deal. I am not sure that I go much for his other suggestions though, as he indicated that we should give him the money they have paid us already, to satisfy his bank, and then give it back to us. This, to my mind, leaves things open for unscrupulous dealings if for some reason the deal should fall through. Our solicitor is being informed and we have asked for his advice on the matter.

Nothing much else has happened over the past few days, as it has been raining, well it has given us a chance to do what we do best.