Saturday 17th August.

I seem to have done it again: several days between putting words down. I think the problem is that when one is just relaxing and enjoying the surrounds the thought of writing doesn’t enter ones mind. Its not that I have been too busy, or even doing nothing for that matter, we have now been in Cairns for six days and it seems like we only just arrived. We don’t seem to have done much since being here, but I can’t really remember having any time with nothing to do.

The awning modifications appear to be ideal, some rain yesterday and it tightened up, due to being wet, and reshaped itself to the new support method and looks a treat.

Linda bought a new vacuum yesterday because the old hand held battery one seems to be failing. The new one is 240v and also a small hand held model and when Linda first turned it on it nearly jumped out of her hand with the extra power, and as a result Linda nearly jumped out the side window. I then proceeded to pull the old one to bits to see what I could do to revitalise the battery, but when I saw inside I noticed the battery was a sealed lead-acid type and it should be in as good a condition as it was when new. It turns out that after dismantling the upright section of the machine and giving it a good clean and lubrication the vacuum is now as good as new. It’s no good thinking of keeping it as we now have a new one, and I had already promised it to the management of the units, to save throwing it out, so I now have to keep my word.

After receiving several bogus emails with worms, viruses, recently it really sank home that I should get myself a decent virus checker. A friend we met at Townsville, quietly shh, gave me a copy of his checker and it was this that discovered all the viruses, but the problem was that I could not register it to get updates because I did not have the product code and had no idea of its format. The only alternative I could see was to purchase one of my own, done yesterday, so I can keep in touch with updates. Even though it is not correct to load this onto more than one machine I intend loading it onto both laptops. I do have a couple of ideas on how I can get the updates on to both machines, but trial and error will reveal if this is possible, even if it means copying files from one to the other.

We still have not heard from Narrelle as to whether she will be coming or not, but we will no doubt find out. The problem she is having is converting her short-term visa to a long term one. It turns out that her planned trip back here coincided with the time that she must convert her visa, she was aware of this, but the powers to be now tell her that the process is going to take longer than originally planned. This itself presented the problem because with her application she had to submit her passport, without which she can’t leave England. She could cancel her application, but it would mean that during her visit back to Australia her short-term visa will expire and she won’t be able to return to England. She is at present leaving things to take their coarse and praying that her pleas with bureaucrats will result in them processing her application in time. The rest is just to wait and see. She can cancel her flights up to 48 hours before she is due to leave and still get all but 300 pounds refund.

The saga of getting a shipping container for storage of our furniture is now complete, as a purchase was made, with Paul’s assistance, and is now on his block with all our furniture moved into it. We will have to come up with something to present to him for his efforts when we return at Christmas.