Tuesday 16th July.

Nerves have hit Linda as she is due to fly home tomorrow and the usual things are occurring, such as not being able to sleep. She won her count down to two more sleeps, but it should have immediately reverted to no more sleeps and the next two days are going to become one long one.

I finally managed to get the gas job done that I have been threatening for 18 months, an outlet on the side of the van for the outside fridge. The job cost a bit more than the first quote 18 months ago, but this plumber did, I consider anyway, a much better job. He actually ran the feed from the stove tap fittings inside the cupboard, and hence all the new feed is internal with a plug in fitting the only item under the floor on the outside. As nothing is provided, I now have the task of finding a method of covering the outlet to prevent dust entering, I’m sure I will come up with something.

A blow up mattress was purchased yesterday to bring us one step closer to being totally fitted for camping in the tent, so in a few days when I have done the solar panel work I could consider testing the system we have by heading bush for a day or so without the caravan. Maybe Rollingstone would be an ideal test area.