Saturday 13th July.

It has been a rather industrious week as Linda has been busy spring-cleaning the caravan and I have been doing some maintenance work to make our lives a little easier.

I have finished modifying the roof racks and have now bolted down the wheels, much better. Repacking the panel van is just about complete, a pack up and move will see that finalised.

I have also been busy inside the van permanently fixing things like the video recorder, speakers and stereo so we do not have to tie them down each time we move. Linda is hounding me to provide a permanent mounting for the plates so she does not have to pack them each move. We have discussed possible methods to achieve this, so I will see what I can come up with over the next few weeks.

A breakthrough with mobile Internet access with my new computer yesterday when I decided to try an option that has been available to me since I bought it, I have kicked my ass since for not trying it earlier. There is a device on the market, I’m sure I have mentioned before, called a serial to USB converter, one of which I tried that I borrowed from Tony Cruse and it failed to work. Since that day I have had advise from so called computer experts whom all said mobile phones would not work via these converters so I have since left it at that. I have recently spoken to others on the same subject and it seems the cheapy that I tried did not provide full emulation that is required for mobiles and there is another on the market that should work. The price of the other converter is the reason I did not try one when I originally bought the PC as I considered $120.00 too much to risk if it did not work. Tandy had one of these devices and their policy is that if it fails to function then I can return the product within 7 days for a full refund. I tried one and YES!! It worked. In the mean time I have been waiting on a data cable for a new Kyocera phone and when it turned up I had intended buying a new phone. All this was going to cost about $800.00, so when this converter worked, at a cost of $120.00, I considered that I had another big win, then proceeded to kick my ass for not trying this device months ago. Bearing in mind I have only had it working the once and with my sceptic mind I am keeping the box and paper work for the converter in good condition in case.