Tuesday 9th July.

Bloody travel agents: a call today revealed how the travel agent changed the Brisbane to Tassie leg and when she rang Qantas they refused to change the Townsville to Brisbane leg. After convincing her that it was not satisfactory to have the two legs separated by a week, she seemed to think this was ok, she kindly informed us that our old booking, that she cancelled, had been sold and she could not revert back. This was just not satisfactory so she went back to hunting and eventually came up with a flight the same day as we had previously but at a later time.

Back to better things: the roof racks have been installed, but at this stage I am not fully satisfied with tying the tyres on with straps, so I will have to come up with a better method. Perhaps bolted with a long bolt from the topside of the tyre down to the aluminium tray underneath will suffice. Then I can use the straps I purchased to tie down the bike on top of the tyres.