Wednesday 3rd July, (Townsville).

After a further clean out and reshuffle of gear from the caravan to car, with what is still to move, I reckon that my new estimate is we have off loaded in excess of 200ks from the caravan. We may be still over weight by a little but I will at least be a lot happier towing the van knowing that it is lighter. The final test will be our next move and whether I will have to alter the amount of lift I need from the level riders and if there may be a difference it tow handling. Talking of level riders: the lift needed from this device is the other critical thing where axle weight of the van is concerned as the weight of the lift applied must be redistributed else-where, and half of it must go to the caravan axle, so the greater the lift applied the more weight on the van axle. If too much lift is applied the purpose of the shedding exercise will prove to be futile.

As we have been preoccupied with off loading weight, we have not had enough time to do anything else, but this is the task at hand at the moment so we will get some free time when it is finished.

We made enquiries about taking Linda’s bike home for Adrian on the plane and were surprised about the difference between cost of taking it with her as luggage and sending it as freight. We can get it hame as luggage for about $40.00, but the cost of freight was more than the value of the bike. The only problem with taking it with he is that Linda will have to lug the bike, in box, around Brisbane with her while she is there over night. A chat with sister Deris saw her agreeing to pick Linda up from the airport and dropping her off again the next day so the bike then is no longer a problem.