Monday 1st July, (Townsville).

We are now at the other caravan park close to town and will settle in here for a month to do some work and while Linda goes home.

I have started looking at shedding some weight from the van and with removing the spares and bikes from the rear, and the blue box from the front I reckon 150 odd kilos has been shed already, looking good.

I had intended treating ourselves with a landline telephone while at this park, but when I checked it out with the Telstra shop they indicated that it would not be connected for over a week. This was totally unsatisfactory to me so after she had done everything but take my money I informed her what she could do with the phone line and proceeded to cancel the application. Seeing as how I personally know how much, or little, work needs to be done to connect the phone, a few keystrokes only, I was not very happy with the result, but try to relate this to someone in an shop who considers they know more than I do about the subject.