Tuesday 4th June, (Townsville).

One job we are now half way through and I think we are both regretting even starting it. We have began rearranging and reshaping the green shade awning cover for the annexe. The problems were that we used the old green shade that we have had hanging since day one, which was a little twisted out of shape, and we used the wrong material to line the edges. The lining was a little stretchy, along with the freshly cut end of the green shade, and when we sewed them together the lengths were all out of proportion. Well if nothing else our ingenuity will be tested trying to come up with a fix.

Linda has had her glasses and eyes checked again, which has resulted in a new pair of lenses in her glasses. This time she has had variable lenses fitted with the idea of wearing them continuously. She is, at this stage, happy with them with the exception that it is going to take some time to get used to them. Positioning her book in the right place and looking at it at the correct angle is the main problem at this stage.

We are at this stage wondering how we are going to fully enact our previous statement about never being cold ever again. It seems that wherever we go there are always some evenings that are cold, we are even talking at the moment about turning on the electric blanket. I guess we had the misconception that the temperatures at Townsville are always warm, but they are far from it at the moment of an evening. The days are still warm enough to wear shorts, but southerly winds certainly cool the night air enough to get dressed up a little more. Oh well, that’s life: If that’s all we have to complain about things can’t be too bad.