Saturday 15th June, (Rollingstone).

The stay at Balgal was very enjoyable, but we may not return because of the sand flies. A great many people left the area because of the flies, they didn’t seem to bother us much, I do spray repellent when we are in unknown areas so maybe this had a large effect.

We have now moved north about 10k to Rollingstone, another camp area here would have to be the pick of the bunch of the camp areas in the district. It is still run by the same council on the same basis, but this one is not by a beach and is a very large grassed area among many large trees. It is obviously very popular judging by the amount of vans camped on the grounds.

It is raining at present; a change though, and surprisingly has not put much of a damper on our camping out. One must expect whatever weather is thrown at us and accept it.

We will be looking forward to returning to this camp area on our return to Townsville. As Linda commented our stay here is made more enjoyable by the friendliness of the other campers, but consider they are all here for the same reason as us.