Saturday 1st June, (Townsville).

The new tow hitch has been successfully adjusted; well the proof will be in the towing.

We have been considering what we intend doing over the next few weeks to fill in time in the area. We decided today to take a drive north and investigate the standard of several camping areas on the shores of beaches; it would be a change to stay at free camps for a while, apart from cheaper, and it will possibly offset our budget blow-out over the past few weeks. We were quite surprised by the standard of several parks, as the local council has purposely built camp areas with water and toilets, and it even looks as though they are about to provide power as well, I believe there will be a minimal charge for the power.

Both Linda and myself are quite looking forward to the possibility of staying at some of these parks and we are also going to investigate the possibility of similar parks in other areas and intend staying at them if they do exist.

During our travels we went to a place called Paluma National Park, in the mountains west of the highway just south of Ingham. We noticed that there are a few walks, one to a lookout, which we would like to experience, so we intend returning in a week or so while we are camped in the Ingham area. On the way up the hill we came across a stone bridge on the road, and nearby was a small waterfall, and the rocky scenery in the creek bed was also quite spectacular. The bridge is not of the type one would expect to see out in the middle of nowhere, as there would have been a tremendous amount of work put into its stone construction.