Saturday 22nd June, (Ingham).

An interesting week has now passed at Ingham; all of my chores have been done. The new tyres fitted, the annexe shades have been made and modified to suit all applications and we have had somewhat of a look around the area.

Ingham is somewhat of a surprise to us, as although we do remember passing through here before we have now decided that it is a place we will stay on several occasions on our way through to Cairns, or return. There are several drives to go on, which are covered very well in a booklet Linda obtained from the caravan park office. We have not done much sightseeing as we have decided to leave some to do on future visits. We did go and have a look at a waterfall in the area called Wallaman falls and it is rather spectacular. They are a height of 268 metres with a pool at the bottom that is 20 metres deep. The falls are on a mountain range that is 540 metres above see level.

We had a quick look at the local cemetery today as we had heard that it was quite spectacular and worth a visit. This statement had us wondering what to expect until we arrived there and every statement made was in fact true. I am not sure that we have ever experienced a cemetery such as this one. Being predominantly Italian most of the grave are quite large buildings, apparently this is common practice in Italy, and there are plenty of them. The graves that are not of a building nature are construction of a quite intricate form anyway.

We intend doing another drive tomorrow and then Monday will see us on our return to Townsville via the campsites we visited on our way up.